Study of Technology of Stripping Nickel Coating on NdFeB Permanent Magnet


Rao Houzeng, Li Guohua, Jiang Longfa,Lin Guanjie (Department of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Nanchang Institute of Aeronautical Technology, Nanchang 330034, China;Jiangxi Hengda Group ,Nanchang 330029, China)


<正> The influences of category and density of reagents, temperature and the value of pH in the solution of stripping the nickel coating on NdFeB permanent magnet on the stripping result were studied systematically. The practical formular contains mainly the oxidant m-O2NC6H4SO3Na,the complex reagent (NaOOCCH2)2N(CH2)2N(CH2COOH)2, the reagent of retarding corrosion KF and the calatyze RL-3 was obtained.


NdFeB permanent magnet base; stripping; nickel coating; reagent of retarding corrosion; calatyze


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