Corrosion Behavior of Welded Joints of Al-6Mg Alloy with Trace Scandium Addition


Wang Yue (Luoyang Ship Material Research Institute, Luoyang 471039, China)


<正> Al-6Mg alloy with trace Sc addition was prepared by means of melting-casting. The samples of the welded joints of Al-6Mg alloy with trace Sc addition were made by method of manual argon-arc welding. Neutral salt spray test was carried out by referring to GB/T10125-1997 and GB6384-1986 practice. Exfoliation testing was carried out in accordance with the method of Al-Mg alloy exfoliation corrosion test. The corrosion behaviors of the welded joints of Al Mg alloy with high level of Mg and trace Sc addition were studied. The microstructures of the welded joints were observed by using optical microscope and transmission electron microscope. The corrosion resistance mechanism of the alloy was also involved. This work intended to determine if the welded joints of Al-6Mg alloy with trace Sc addition can have excellent corrosion resistance, when their strength are clearly improved. The results show that trace content of Sc refines the grains of alloys effectively, raises remarkably the corrosion resistance of the welded joints of Al-6Mg alloy with trace Sc addition. The corrosion resistance mechanisms are that there is free of continuous grain boundary precipitation or network which could be susceptible to corrosion in the microstructure of welded joints.


Sc; Al-Mg alloy; welded joint; neutral salt spray corrosion; exfoliation corrosion; microstructure


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