Study on Function of Rare Earth During Producing Phosphate Fertilizer by Wet Process


Wang Jiachen Liu Xiangsheng Yang Jun Fan Yubin Wu Yanping (Beijing General Research Instiutes for Nonferrous Metals, 100088 Beijing, China National Rare Earth Center for Agriculture of China, 100088 Beijing, China; Grirem Advanced Materials Co. , Ltd. Beijing 100088, China)


<正> The impacts of the Rare Earth (RE) on the contents of available Phosphorus (P) and the physical character of the calcium superphosphate produced by the wet process on the basis of simulating the consumption of concentrated sulphuric acid, the slurry concentration and the cure conditions in different wet process were studied in laboratory, and the results show that adding RE into different wet process does not raise available P, but changes its physical character, for example, the composite is loose and the color is offwhite.


rare earth phosphate fertilizer, wet process, physical characteristics, available P


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