Status of Rare Earths for Agriculture in China


Wang Jiachen, Yang Jun, Liu Xiangsheng (Beijing General Research Instiutes for Nonferrous Metals, Beijing 100088, China; National Rare Earth Center for Agriculture of China, Beijing 100088, China; Grirem Advanced Materials Co. , Ltd. Beijing 100088, China)


<正> Rare Earths (RE) for agriculture is a very typical application and has already brought good economic benefit to Chinese agriculture and farmers. In this paper, the origin, development, status and the future of RE for agriculture in China were discussed. Firstly, through the researches of RE in the fields of physiological activity, physiological and biochemical mechanism, sanitation toxicology and environment security in 1980's, RE has been extended more widely in agriculture, such as crops, vegetables, forest, wood grass and stock breeding, such as cattle, fish and chicken. Secondly, with using of new techniques that were developed in the "State Ninth Five-Year Plan" , the utilization area of RE was expanded to broad agricultural space, such as sunlight converting plastic film, RE fertilizer, RE drought resistant and RE water saving materials and new RE top dressing fertilizer. Thirdly, with the development of the nanometer materials, the techniques and process of nanometer RE materials were focused. Around these kinds of materials, the new seed cover matters, new seed mixed matter and new nanometer fertilizer will appear in the near future, and will produce many updated techniques and improve a new round RE application in agriculture.


agriculture; typical application; origin; development; status


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