Research of Optical Performance On Rare-Earth Optical Fiber


Li Baojun,Zhou Meng,Yang Tao,Zhou Yao,Fu Li Li Tiansi, YangShilong (Institute of Architecture Technique Research, Shenyang University, Shenyang 110016, China)


<正> The rare-earth optical fiber is made of organic material and inorganic rare earth material . It can be used to absorb and transfer solar energy. When sunlight irradiates, it may absorb and transfer solar energy automatically; while at night or without sunlight it may give out light and play role of decoration. By utilizing high transmissivity of organic material and heat-resisting performance of inorganic material, we know the reorganization of material performance under the melting condition, and make empty core bear the high temperature of 150 -200℃. When the light spreads in light guide, some light energy travels along the direction of light guide, and is introduced in the room directly. Another part of light energy is absorbed and stored by light guide, and can release light again after 8 - 12 h.


solar energy; rare-earth element; optical fiber; decoration; illuminant.


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