Improvement of Low OCV in MH/Ni Battery


Zhang Zhong, Liang Wanlong , Zhang Weihua, Xing Zhiqiang Ma Yijun (Inner Mongolia Rare Earth Ovonic High-Power MH/Ni Battery CO. Ltd. , Baotou 014030, China)


<正> In MH/Ni high power battery production, a large percent of batteries were found with an open circuit voltage lower than 1.18 V after formation, open circuit voltage of another large percent of batteries could be even as low as 1.00 - 1.10 V after one month sitting. In this situation, we analysed the causes of the problem, and provided some efficient solution based on many experiments. It was proved that these solutions are working very well to prevent the low open circuit voltage and being used in real production.


MH/Ni battery; open circuit voltage; stand life


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