Late Olenekian Radiolarians from Bedded Chert of Ashio Terrane, Northeast Japan, and Faunal Turnovers in Western Panthalassa during Early Triassic


Noritoshi Suzuki Research Center for Higher Education, Tohoku University, Sendai, 980 8578, Japan Natsumi Akiba Department of Earth & Planetary Science, Graduate School of Science, the University of Tokyo,Tokyo, 113 0033, Japan Harumasa Kanoh Ins


Late Olenekian assemblages in the western Panthalassa have been recovered from bedded radiolarian chert sequences of an accretionary complex, the Ashio belt. These faunas are documented and considered in terms of radiolarian diversity and faunal turnover during the latest Permian to Middle Triassic time. The fauna includes 30 radiolarians belonging to Spumellaria or Entactinaria, with two relicts from the Late Permian. This late Olenekian fauna is markedly different from Permian and Anisian faunas, respectively, and is herein named the Minowa fauna. Study of the literature indicates that radiolarian provinces were significantly disconnected between the western Panthalassa and eastern Tethys during late Olenekian time. Furthermore, 121 of 143 species disappeared during late Olenekian time, and in turn 118 new species appeared in the western Panthalassa around the Olenekian Anisian boundary. It is concluded that faunal turnover occurred at least three times between the latest Permian and Middle Triassic. The first turnover is the Paleozoic type radiolarian extinction at the Permian Triassic boundary, the second is the diversification of spheroidal Spumellaria and Entactinaria between early and late Olenekian time, and the third is a faunal turnover from the Minowa fauna to the true Mesozoic type radiolarian faunas that are characterized by multi segmented Nassellaria.


radiolaria, Early Triassic, Middle Triassic, faunal turnover, mass extinction, Minowa radiolarian fauna.


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