On-farm Research Demonstration on Forage Production and Utilization in Yeongam,Yeonggwang,and Jangheung District,Korea


Sung Seo;Seong-ll Kim;Won-Ho Kim;Ki-Yong Kim;Sang-Hoon Lee;Jong-Geun Kim;Joung-Kyong Lee;Ji-Eon Park;Byung-Chul Lee;Hea-Shin Je;Chang-Ho Ko;Hong-Woog Kim;


<正>Nowadays,importance of regional specific on-farm research is largely increased in order to reduce the feeding cost of cattle.For this project,three regional districts(Yeongam,Yeonggwang and Jangheung) were selected wherein the cultivation area of forage production were largely increased from 1,200('08) to 2,600 ha('09) in Yeongam, 1,001('08) to 1,925 ha('09) in Yeonggwang,and 1,300('08) to 2,820 ha('09) in Jangheung district.Among the forage species,Italian ryegrass(IRG) and forage barley were predominantly cultivated in these regions.On the other hand,rye, grassland and summer annual forages were cultivated very little in a manner of land area.The productivity of forage barley was slightly increased 21.5('06),26.2('07),and 27.3 MT/ha('08) as silage.The number of farm and cultivation area was also increased remarkably.The present research project will be conducted from 2009 to 2010.Forage production and utilization for reduction of feeding cost,and high quality of Hanwoo beef production will investigated, in a manner of cultivation of forage crops mainly IRG,forage barley,IRG+barley mixture and corn.


Italian ryegrass(IRG);;Forage barley;;IRG and barley mixture;;Feeding cost;;Demonstration farm


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