Research on Isolation and Identification of Anthracene-degrading Strains and Its Degradation Characteristics


Chen Fang-Yan Yu Fang Mao Li Tang Yu-Bin Liang Lin-Lin Sun Chang-Yu School of Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering,Jiangsu University of Science and Technology,Sibaidu ZhenjiangJiangsu province 212018,China


<正>An anthracene-degrading strain was isolated and screened from oil-contaminated soil,which can use anthracene as sole carbon source for growth in the culture medium.The strain can resist anthracene concentrations up to 70 mg/L.The strain was initially identified as Fusarium oxysporum


anthracene-degrading strains;;isolation and screening;;ITS sequence;;exotic carbon source;;biostimulant;;bioremediation for waters


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