Study and Application of Mobile Logistics Management System in Auto Parts Enterprise Based on 3PL-HUB


Hou Kai-hu,Hou Haowen,Li Yiming, Niu Xiao 1 Industrial Engineering Dept., Faculty of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming 650093, P. R. China 2 School of Material Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150090, P. R. China 3 Kunming Yunnei power CO., Ltd., Kunming 650224, P. R. China


The third party logistics-hub (3PL-HUB) is a model of logistics direct delivery stations, and an advanced logistics organization mode. And it can integrate supply-side resources and promote the supply chain coordination. Logistics information system plays a key role for successful implementation of 3PL-HUB. The main objective of the paper is to solve the existing data collection problems in logistics systems, such as lag, inaccuracy, and unreal-time tracking. According to 3PL-HUB and combined with the VPN-based internet, wireless communication and mobile barcode scanning technology, this paper established a mobile logistics management integrated architecture of auto parts, and proposed the business processes based on 3PL-HUB, and constructed the logistics management architecture for auto parts, and some key technologies are studied, such as standardization technology, data synchronization, and PDA development, Finally, through an example, the feasibility and practicality of this system are verified.


Auto Parts Enterprises, Mobile Logistics Management Systems, Supply Chain, 3PL-HUB,


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