Allograft experiments of mouse tissue engineered skin


BI Jian-jun,YANG Hui-lan and LI bing-ling General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command of PLA


<正>Background To observe the development and immunological rejection after allografting of tissue engineered skins. Methods Keratinocytes and fibroblasts harvested from the skin of BALB/C mice were reconstructed to tissue engineered skins in vitro.Tissue engineered skins allografted to BALB/C mice were regularly observed its growth condition and immunological rejection.The results were compared with autograft and allograft of BALB/C mice. Results Tissue engineered skins were almost fused with around skin of BALB/C mice after one week.The inflammation was weak and rare mononuclear cells infiltrated in tissue engineered skins.Mouse IgG of host,which was allograted with tissue engineered skins did not increase significantly.In contrast,a large number of CD4 positive lymphocytes infiltrated in allogenic skins of BALB/C mice after one week.Simutenisly,IgG of mice increased significantly.After allografting for 4 weeks,allogeneic mouse skin all necrosised and shedded. Conclusion Tissue engineered skins had perfect biologcial activity,low immunogenicity,and could differentiate into the structure like normal human skins.After allografting,there was no significant immunological rejection in tissue engineered skins.


Allograft experiments of mouse tissue engineered skin;


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