The Mode Change of Chinese Mobile Marketing


Shao Kang School of Economics and Management Anhui University of Science and Technology Huainan,China


This article critically reviews development process in Chinese marketing,and evaluates the characteristics in each marketing stage,argues that every marketing ways increasingly rely on the advancement of technology.The requirement of enterprise mobile marketing,developments of marketing platform,architectures of mobile marketing platform,and other hot issues are also discussed.Specifically,we look at the principle and method of website redirection technology and dual-mode e-commerce websites to promote the efficiency of mobile marketing systems,and solve the problem of building dual domain names and content for traditional marketing and mobile marketing.Statistical investigation showed that the development of mobile systems and wireless marketing systems was very quickly in China,so that the breakthrough of new mobile marketing model in the Chinese marketing field will become an important change of marketing,and is an innovation in the marketing field.Research results also showed that the mode change of Chinese mobile marketing may experience three stages.The first is the changes in the form of marketing.The second is the transformation of the enterprises' growth mode.The third is the breakthrough of entire value chain.Then the core competitiveness of Chinese enterprises will be enhanced.


mobile marketing;marketing change;wireless marketing;mobile commerce;site redirection;dual-mode site;Chinese marketing;marketing model


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