Connotation and Architecture of Green Production Logistics in Manufacturing Enterprises


Wu Xiaozhen Institute of Automobile and Transportation Engineering Wuhan University of Science and Technology Wuhan,China


Green production logistics applies the theories and methods of green manufacturing to the production logistics system.To combine with the process control theory,logistics simulation technique and information technology,green production logistics is capable of reducing the harm to the environment and improving the energy utilization rate of the production logistics system.The connotation and the problem field of green production logistics are introduced in this paper.The green characteristics of production logistics are analyzed.Then,ways to implement green production logistics are discussed and its architecture is proposed including technological basis,data support and green realization of job shop layer.At last,application mode of this architecture is studied based on PDM,which will provide theoretical basis on implementation and application of green production logistics in the workshop production of manufacturing enterprises in China.


green production logistics;connotation;architecture;application mode


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