Wetland Survey in the area of Poyang lake Nature Reserves by high Resolution Image


Xinghua Le a,b,Zhewen Fanb,YupingYu b,Yun Zhang a,Bin Yong c a Department of Geo-information,School of Geographic and Oceanic,Nanjing University,Hankou Road,Jiangsu Province,200018,China b Remote Sensing Information System Center,Provincial Complexity North NO.1 Road,Building 014,Nanchang City,Jiangxi Province,330046 c State Key Laboratory of Hydrology,Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering,Hohai University,Xikang Road,Nanjing 210098,China


In this paper,band 5,4,3 of TM image merges with PAN band of SPOT image by the method of HIS transformation which is ameliorated.The new image resolution is improved from 30 meters to 10 meters.The new image is classified into ten types of wetland by human’s judgment and field survey.The research area includes four nature reserve zones whose area is almost half of the area of Poyang Lake.The result of classification is transformed into vector data,and appended with attributive data.After analyzing the data,the detail wetland situation is worked out.All of the work indicates that it is accessible to survey the wetland environment by the merged image.


Poyang Lake,Nature Reserve,wetland,high resolution image


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