Study on the key technology of grain logistics tracking system


Tong Zhen a ,Hongyi Ge a ,Yuying Jiang a ,Yi Che b a College of Information,Henan University of Technology,zhengzhou,China 450001; b Academic Administration,Anhui Audit Vocational College,Heifei,China 230601


In recent year,with the rapid development of GIS technology,more and more programming problems depend on the GIS technology and professional model system.The solution of auxiliary programming problem by using GIS technology, which has become very popular.GIS is an important tool and technology,that captures,stores,analyzes,manages,and presents data that are linked to location.A grain logistics distribution system based on GIS is established,which provides a visualization scheme during the process of grain circulation and supports users making decision and analyzing for grain logistics enterprise.


Grain Logistics,tracking technology,GIS/GPS


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