The Self-organization Mechanism About Sports Industrial Structure Evolution


Liu Yuanxiang Shandong Institute of Physical Education and Sports Jinan China Sun Bingchuan Shandong Institute of Economics College of Physical Education Jinan China


Based on Dissipative Structure Theory of the sports industrial self-organization mechanism of evolution, that openness - the evolution of sports structure prerequisite for self-organization; far from equilibrium - the evolution of sports structure of direct incentives for self-organization; non-linear role - sports evolution of the internal industrial structure based on self-organization; fluctuation - dissipation structure is sports structure triggers; leading industry - self-organization evolution of sports structure order parameter. Optimization of industrial structure should be raised around the sport of Recreation and Sport Event start two parallel chain. From: first, to have a certain social capital and investment rates, market demand should be relatively abundant, there must be appropriate and innovative strategies for supporting institutional reforms to consolidate the four basic sports operation of the leading industry.


Sports structure; evolution; self-organization


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