Optimum condition for 2,6-DNT-microbe degrading using uniform design


Yubin JI,Changru XU,Wenlan LI Institute of Materia Medica and Postdoctoral Programme Harbin University of Commerce Harbin,China Xingjie Zhu,Jinyu Zhou Engineering Reseach Center of Natural Anticancer Drugs Ministry of Education Harbin,China


The GC-ECD was used in this study.The optimization of preparation was performed by U9(94)uniform design method,With the rate of 2,6-DNT-degrading result as investigative indexes,the influences of of ratio the concentration of substrate and PH,The speed of shaker and Temperature.the result were screened by Uniform Design to found the optimum condition of degrading.Result the optimum condition for 2,6DNT-degrading as fllowing:The concentration of substrate is 135mg/L,pH=7.3,Temperature is 29℃,speed of shaker is 129 rpm/min。The result show:It is scientific and feasible to screen the experimental condition of for 2,6-DNT-degrading by using the uniform design and regression.


uniform design;COD;degradation;domestication


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