Main Factors Affecting Learning Motive System in Physical Education


Le Yuzhong;


PE learning motive system not only influences the occurrence of the learning,but also its course and result.With literature,expert interview and logic inference,the article expounds and explains the cause of the learning motives in PE teaching and the main factors affecting PE learning motive system.It is thought that the above mentioned main factors are:students' learning need,object of attention,relevant contents of learning,confidence in learning and emotional satisfaction.Students' learning need brings about their attention toward certain object;following this,relevance of learning contents leads to students' learning actions;then they have confidence in learning and finally they feel satisfied emotionally.This is a completely related motive system.The former result is the precondition of the coming action.This kind of coherence is a cycle and a development,occurring in the whole learning process.Therefore,some suggestions are given.In school PE teaching,raise appropriate requirements,set up developmental goals and enrich textbook contents.Meanwhile,teachers should adopt various teaching methods,in order to meet students' need as much as possible and let them enjoy sport.All in all,activate their sports interest and make them have the sense of fulfilment,so as to stick to PE learning.


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